Incubating a Great Idea

Is that you peering at me from the reeds? 

Are you comfortable there in your nest? 

Are you “incubating” a great idea? 

Great ideas do take some incubation time… some nurturing… some quiet time. How do you know when to bring them forth… when is the best time? I believe your “higher self” knows what is best and what is the truth for you. So, just ask. Find yourself in a centered place where all of your energy is balanced around and within you. After being in that place for awhile, shift your body and the energy within it slightly forward and sink your energy down. This will move you into what I call Earth Energy, a place where you connect with your deepest knowing. Once there, stay awhile… ask your question… and wait for an answer. The answer may come in thoughts, visualizations, or maybe a sign of some kind. Listen with your whole being… you will know when your higher self is speaking with you.

Another idea, ask and then use the JICT Image cards to “hear” your answers. The images that speak to your heart may have that message for which you are waiting.


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