Image This! Pier at Dusk

Reflection about writing this edition of our newsletter, led me to choose an image – randomly! WOW, amazing where images lead us! I choose Pier at Dusk which carries the question “What wisdom comes with reflection?” 
As I reflected on the image, the wisdom that came to me was about contentment. Interesting what reflection generates and how infrequently most of us allow time for reflection. This led to pondering about the coming of spring.
How do you reflect at this time of year about the coming spring? I hear so many people complain about winter, lament about the cold and yearn for warmer weather. Funny how only six months ago (or less), I recall hearing similar complaints … it’s too hot, this humidity is dastardly!
Makes me wonder … what does it take for me to be content? Contentment assumes an element of acceptance. What would it be like if I “accepted” what is? How might it change my life? Besides the weather, where else would “acceptance” lead to contentment? I’d love to hear your insights!
Isn’t it interesting that the image of a dock at sunset with a lone individual can conjure up ideas of snow and heat and contentment? Fascinating!

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