Cards with Dance

The other day I did not like the emotions that were appearing in my daily life around life issues… the death of my mother and the sudden cancer diagnosis of my sister. I decided to “practice what I preach” and use the JICT Images to choose other emotions to support my living life these days. I spread out the image cards on the floor and spent some time just being with any of them that called to me. The “Woman in Joy” finally won out. Shifting into this body position supported me into moving towards whatever joy I could find in my life right now.  Yes, I got up off the floor and through my head back, opened my heart, and danced with JOY. I know that shifting the energy within my body will shift my emotions and within this position I can not feel the emotions of fear or even grief. So, while I danced, I experienced uplifting emotions… even joy… and turned my day around.


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