Awareness of Choice

On March 23rd (after a week of 50 degree weather in Minnesota) 5 or more inches of snow fell, the temperature dropped to highs in the 30’s with a forecast for another week of cold temperatures. Not quite what we expect in what is now officially spring. As I started to complain, I remembered that I had a choice about how I responded to the forecasts. 
I decided to select an image for inspiration; a beautiful ornament hanging in a tree is what appeared! WOW, so many things came! Soon the trees will have leaves – which reminded me that, in years past, I literally have watched the trees bud and bloom before my eyes … anticipation set in for me.
I also remembered that in some years past precipitation has been low and drought conditions have persisted. This led me to awareness that this year there is a significant threat of VERY high river crests due to a year of higher than normal snow fall. This led me to realize that the cold temps right about now may be a blessing because what was flowing will freeze and perhaps slow the melt causing a little less devastation to those affected by the river crest.
All this took me to gratitude … for the changing of seasons, the ability to experience the beauty of all of them and the awareness of choice. I get to choose how I respond in all seasons. Bottom line, a glittering ball hanging in a tree took me from my usual complaining about the weather to anticipate for what is still to come and finally gratitude for all of it. Who would have guessed? What are you anticipating and grateful for?


  1. Anonymous  March 28, 2011

    Ahhhh….the gift of choices in our attitudes, outlooks, and daily living! It just doesn't get much better!!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Dee Anne


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