What Can An Image Evoke?

Speak about images and what they evoke!!!!! I had a very unexpected response to the image on the front page of the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Tuesday of members of congress and their staff on the Capitol steps pictured, hand in hand in the moment of silence for the victims of the Tucson shooting last Saturday.
I picked up the paper, unfolded it, caught the image and tears immediately flowed … where did that come from? I wondered. What is this all about? Why am I moved to tears? Tears that I was not able to control if I’d wanted to. 
Suffice it to say that the actual answers to my questions are irrelevant for this purpose (I did spend time in reflection and became aware of what had moved me, why and what I would do about it). The purpose of my posting here is to share that the words above the image did not charge me at all however, the image moved me to a response deep within instantly. With absolutely NO thought the sadness I felt was outwardly expressed. A clear testimony to the power of images! 
What is deep within you that an image would evoke?

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