What Serves you best? Heart, Head or Gut?

The heart, head, gut leadership question still burns brightly for me. I used it for my daily reflection question recently and so many things came up for me… I’ll be sharing some musings (and experiences) in the next few posts … and would love to hear your reactions
At this point in my life, I lead with all three; I’ve come to value each one. 
Though I was programmed to value head, the heart was always there for me (often undervalued); I give it much higher value now. 
While I realize that I had gut responses all my life, I overlooked connecting them to the issue or topic at hand; gut has become a higher priority, too.  
Head = “logic” AND is a significant source of stress – the “shoulds” reside in the head. 
The heart and the gut are actually much more reliable sources to identify what serves ME (each of us individually) best.
What serves you best? Heart, Head or Gut? Or a mixture of all three?


  1. Grant  June 28, 2014

    Hi, it’s a great question. And you know, the intelligence and wisdom of the heart and gut isn’t just metaphorical…

    Informed by recent Neuroscience findings about the discovery of functional, adaptive and complex neural networks or ‘brains’ in the heart and gut, we’ve completed 2.5 years of behavioral modeling research on the core competencies of these brains and how they communicate and integrate with the head brain. We’ve written about our findings and the models and techniques in our recently published book ‘mBraining’. See for more info.

    And there’s a growing body of leadership literature showing how the world’s best companies are guided by leaders who can tap into the intelligence of their head, heart and guts, and who in particular are able to lead using the core skills of Compassion, Creativity and Courage. Our work has shown that these three competencies are indeed expressed and mediated through the three brains.

    What we found in our work is that you need the prime functions and competencies of all three brains (head, heart and gut) working from an autonomically balanced mode and in alignment. When you integrate the appropriate intelligence from all three brains, and do this through their Highest Expressions, then generative wisdom in leadership decision making emerges.

    For a summary of our work on ‘Neuroscience and the Three Brains of Leadership’ please check out our whitepaper at:

    We recently presented at WBECS and have been getting incredible feedback from Coaches around the world. You may be interested in our summary session:

    I hope you find this support of your blog posts as fascinating as we do.

    best wishes, Grant


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