Transformation Testimonial – Rainbow in the Clouds

The JICT Image that provided a transformation for me is this double rainbow (did you catch the 2nd rainbow?). 
Continuation… The cloud in front of the rainbows represents the uncertainty and the confusion of both my mother and our family.  The rainbows represent the gifts we are finding behind the cloud. 
At this time in her life and because of the disease, she is more gentle, kind, and loving… a true gift for us with her version of Alzheimer’s Disease. Many of the stories I read from caregivers describe the great gifts they find within the so-called “crisis” where they first find themselves. 
So, my closing questions are:  
  • What gifts can you find within your current crisis? Is it a choice to see the gifts or to stay within the cloud?  
  • Which do you choose? How can you “see” through the clouds?


  1. Jane  January 20, 2011

    This newsletter is so helpful for someone in crisis. I will remember that it is available when I want to support a friend through a tough time. Thanks, Carol!


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