Noticing "Head" Leadership

Noticing “head” leadership … a client recently asked for coaching around what she called her method of leading a meeting; she was very focused on the agenda, what she had to cover, and getting through it all. Agendas were typically packed and she was on a mission to complete claiming to know that is what would allow her to be satisfied.
At the end of the meeting she had covered most items and yet found herself left with a void. As we explored what she expressed as “feeling hanging”, she uncovered that in an effort to complete; all voices had not been truly heard. Items were checked off the list however, there seemed to be little buy-in from team members. An image of the mother goose with her goslings allowed her to see that she can combine “head, heart, gut” as she leads next time. She is game to try it a different way! I’m very curious about what she notices … how about you? 

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