More "head, heart, gut" musings…

More “head, heart, gut” musings … Of course, this question led me to consider how images inform the head, heart, gut, conversation. And do they ever … what amazing wisdom I tapped using the image of a mountain range with a lake in the center! 
Here are the results of my experiment …
The mountains/ lake /ravine image provided interesting reflections. Head leadership to navigate this terrain caused me angst and concern since I am not skilled in traversing mountains and valleys. Making a list furthered my trepidation since I was not even sure what I needed, that I had included all the necessities … I had little confidence in the list.
The next step of my experiment, was to tap into my “heart” wisdom … amazingly angst diminished since I was able to identify others I know who are adept with such terrains and I felt supported and all of a sudden very able to traverse with shared leadership. In allowing myself to be vulnerable, I was able to ask for support and enlist trusted experts to help guide the way. All of a sudden I gained amazing confidence though my skills had not changed.
Throughout the experiment, I paid attention to my gut reaction … when leading from my head (you know the drill, I have to know it all, have all the answers, be the expert) I was jittery, unstable and hesitant. Once I moved into heart leadership, I noticed that my breathing deepened, I was calm and grounded and I was smiling!
My experiment led me to post the image in my work space as a reminder to explore what is going on or what adjustments I want to make when my body is unsteady and I feel distracted. 
The key for me has become noticing the “gut” level response and choosing where to go from there. What image inspires you?

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