Image This – Face Mask

Where has my mother gone? 
Who is this very different person in my life? 
As I sort through the myriad of questions, worries, surprises, and other thoughts that come with aging parents, I also sorted through the 72 JICT Images to see which ones spoke to me. The picture here is from that stack of images.
This last August, my 90-year-old mother was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s Disease. Julia Harris was one of the most intelligent women I have ever known and now she is becoming a very different person. Many of us are… or will… become caregivers for parents with AD or other diseases as we age along with our parents. Some of us are caregivers of children with a chronic disease or results of an accident. Some of us support people recovering from a stroke. The list goes on… This musing is dedicated to what may support us as we move into the role of caregiver.

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