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In a visit to Cuenca, Ecuador, my colleague, Andy Cocker, and I worked with a senior class of college education psychology majors.  I spoke little Spanish and the students spoke no English.  Andy translated for us and we had an amazing experience at the Unidad Académica de Pedagogia.  We asked the students to choose a JICT image that helped them answer the question: 
What are your hopes and dreams about your future and your career?  (Cuales son sus esperanzas y sueños parasu futuro y su carrera?)
We were told that the students were used to lecture style and that they likely would hold back in participating.  We found quite the opposite.   
Student after student stood and shared openly and very passionately about their love of working with children and their excitement about going out into the world to seek their careers.  This opening exercise set the tone for a very interactive and rich dialogue that made their professor very happy. He was ‘over the moon’ with joy and we were invited back any time!

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