Image This – Sunset Lake / Dock

 What brings you peace?  Is it a place or a state of mind?  It is something close to this image or entirely different?  How much peace do you enjoy each day, each week?  How would more serve you?  
A recent article shared daunting statistics about social media use that caused me to reflect on peace.  Based on the statistics, 50% of the 400 million Facebook active users logon daily; more than 25 billion pieces of content are shared weekly by users.  From February, 2008 – February, 2009, Twitter’s growth topped 1,382%.  LinkedIn has 70 million members in over 200 countries.  Where is the peace?   
We have become a human “doing” vs. human “being” society.  Many of us thrive on activity, pride ourselves on multi taking and brag about how many things we can do simultaneously all the while, complaining that we never complete, have too much to do, and suffer from too few hours in the day.  
How often have you stopped in the midst of all the “tasking” to step aside for a piece of peace?  What might happen?  Use this image or visualize the place, thing or person that brings you peace.  What commitment are you willing to make for the next two weeks to embrace a daily piece of peace?   

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