Girlfriends: Birthday Lunch Card Purchase & Inspiration

Girlfriends … after meeting for a birthday lunch the group decided to purchase a set of cards for future gatherings. 

The note sent to the creators read:
“At our Saturday YaYa coffee we in attendance voted to all chip in to purchase a set of Irene’s company’s thought-provoking JICT (Journey, Intuition, Creativity, Transformation) coaching cards. At the promotional price with tax and shipping, the cost is just about $80; $10 each is right on the money.
I ordered a kit today that will be shipped to me but will be YaYa property so that we can all share it and use it at YaYa gatherings. What fun — and inspiring insights – now await us all!”
Birthday lunch use that inspired the purchase: 
Each friend chose an image from the set and shared, how it spoke to her and what it represented for the coming year for the birthday girlfriend.

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