Creativity in Action – Joy or Anticipation?

A client chose the image with the hanging glass ball and the question “how does all the glitters distract you from your purpose?”  Her answer was,” it does not … all that glitters inspires me”.  She shared that knowing that compensation for her work (the glitter of money) supports her to live freely and make contributions to the world is a huge motivator.  “I’m attracted to things that have sparkle and glitter, that speak to me of luxury and beauty.”  
The glittering glass globe served as a mantra for growing her business.  As she shared her gifts for educating people, it was the image of the glittering glass globe that inspired her to reach out more, invite conversations and create more glitter in her life and that of others.   
How does all that glitters inspire you (or not)? What brings you joy and where would you like more of it?

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