Transformation Testimonial

The Scene
My intervention was to bring a loosely organized international group of US agencies and consulting firms to a place where they could fairly quickly move into deeper conversations about why they weren’t working together as a team.  I scattered the cards face up on the tables so the 20 participants could get curious about the images and briefly explained that the purpose of our 1 1/2 day gathering in Mozambique was to develop a shared reality of who they were, why they were there, and how we could come together as a team.  I asked them each to choose an image that helped them express what they hoped they would get out of the meeting and modeled how to begin by sharing my image.

The Result
It was stunning how quickly and with such fervor each person shared his/her deepest desire; in 20 minutes, I could feel the group come together around a shared purpose…each person revealing what they cared about, their connection to each other, their common purpose of saving lives, and how they could collaborate together.  After this very short ice-breaker, we entered our meeting room and jumped into deep conversations.  The images enabled people to go deep and to accomplish what we needed – to be open and trusting and willing to say what was really important to them.  It was truly amazing that we could accomplish this in such a short time.  I plan to bring the cards on all my consulting business overseas.

 ~Scott Brumburgh, Partner Business Advisors Network

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