Educators: "How does the image inform you to do your work in a different way?"

Educators who were learning and practicing ontological coaching, chose an image blindly and asked “How does the image inform you to do your work in a different way?” 

The responses were incredible: 


Feedback #1: One educator who chose an image of a large tree shared that at first it was meaningless to him and as he reflected on it, he realize “I need to branch out”.

This awakening was particularly powerful because to that point, he felt like he was doing an A+ job and had little need to change. Branching out meant, more frequent and meaningful use of technology, including more interaction in his classes and being open to new ways of teaching.


Feedback #2: Another educator who chose the image of the stream seen between the opening in the rocks shared that for her, it retranslated her need for focus. She recognized that she tends to be all over the place and that more focus would be beneficial to her lessons and her students.


Feedback #3: A third educator chose the roller coaster image. She immediately chuckled she said because she used to be too fearful to ride a roller coaster; she got over that and now can ride with eyes closed. As she applied overcoming that fear to her work in teaching, she declared that she wants to ensure that fear does NOT paralyze her, wants to be free to try new things even if there is anxiety.

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