Creativity in Action…Ferris Wheel

During a leadership training seminar, the facilitator invited the participants to move into groups of three, choose an image and share their ‘value proposition’… “What is the value that you offer to the world?”  The facilitator was waiting for participants to choose their pictures, when one of his students suggested that he also select an image.  As the facilitator began to share about being on the Ferris wheel with the girls, he shifted from a passive observer to a dynamic participant.

He shared about his upcoming book and his plans to share his body of work with the world.  His personal experience led to an enhanced use of the images.  Each participant chose a different perspective in the image to share…the exchange really opened up.  During the discussion, he shared that he was no longer on the ride; he was the operator controlling the ride!  By his active participation, he allowed his humanity to show.  If you are facilitating a group, make sure you participate when using the images and you will deepen your connection with your audience.


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