• Images Shift Language

    The language that emerges from people is authentic, genuine, and many times poetic.  The deck is priceless.


    – Scott Blessing, Corporate Coach

    Images Shift Language
  • Images Elicit Insight

    JICT Images are much more than simply cards.  They are powerful images that elicit insight.


    – Business Consultant

    Images Elicit Insight
  • Images Shift Mood

    They came up with some really beautiful expressions of their hopes for the retreat and the team.  I know that wouldn’t have been possible without the images setting a hopeful and positive mood.


    – Don Peterson, Executive Coach

    Images Shift Mood
  • Images Support Coaches

    Any coach who wants to take his practice to a new level will find these images incredibly valuable.


    -Life Coach

    Images Support Coaches
  • Images Inspire Questions & Answers

    I’m so impressed with the Questions and the photos.  They take me to a place that doesn’t get enough light.


    -Karen Zimmerman, Educator

    Images Inspire Questions & Answers

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JICT Images: Journey with Intuition & Creativity for Transformation

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